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Timber Coating and Treatment

Here at James E. Hatch & Son LLP we produce fully factory finished timber in our purpose-built production facility located in Chorley, Lancashire. Using our manufacturing techniques, that we have perfected over the last twenty-eight years, we apply coatings and treatments to a wide range of timber species in accordance with our customers specification. We can also offer a range of different surface finishes in order to improve the aesthetics of your chosen timber. This will help your coated timber product suit your projects need as well as improve the adhesion of the coating or treatment to the timber.

Depending on the product chosen by the customer and the end use of the product the amount and type of coats can vary. Some systems require a primer before two top coats are added, some require a base stain, while others require a three-coat system of the same product in order to achieve the desired and optimum film build. All of our coated timber products are produced following the manufactures guidelines and instructions.

Our Process

We operate a bespoke vacuum coater at James E Hatch & Son. We have found that this is the best and most effective method for coating timber on all four sides as well as providing long-lasting results. Operating a vacuum coater allows us to carefully monitor and adjust a wide range of settings in order to achieve the finest possible finish.

As the timber passes through the machine it is coated on all four sides.  Coating the timber on all four sides greatly improves the durability and protection of your coated timber product.

In order to improve the adhesion and absorption of the coating or treatment to the timber, we sand the face prior to coating. This opens the grain of the timber and increases the performance of the coating once finished. We have the ability to produce a range of surface finishes on the timber prior to coating or treatment, this ranges from planed, textured, sawn face or shippers face. This range of surface finishes allows us to offer our customers a wide variety of options in order to meet their design specification.

Our Product Suppliers

We have developed relationships with the leading manufacturers in water-based timber coatings in order to offer a wide range of products to our customers. Our Timber Experts will help you identify the right coating and treatment required for the project and will recommend the ideal brand to achieve your desired goals. You can also visit their websites to find out more about the coatings and treatments we can offer.

Anker Stuy Coatings

Sioo X

Sikkens Coatings


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