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Beaconsfield Holiday Park

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Beaconsfield Holiday Park is an adult’s only luxurious holiday park located in Shrewsbury, close to the village of Hadnall.

Previously the park has ordered lodge kits with a base stain only specification, with the lodges being built on site and painted by hand once finished. However, due to the current demand for holidays in the UK there was a need to speed up the manufacturing process of the lodges.

As a result, we began processing orders as fully factory finished, applying the base coat followed by a mid and top coat. This sped up the manufacturing process by eliminating the need to hand paint the lodges on site. The factory application of coatings also allows for a consistent and high-quality finish. All that is required is the sealing of fixings and end grains which is standard with any coated timber product.



Beaconsfield Holiday Park

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