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Timber Coating Services

Here at James E. Hatch & Son LLP we specialise in coating and treating a wide range of timber for different external uses. This ranges from cladding, fascia’s, soffits, fencing, louvers and much more. We have the ability through our manufacturing processes and techniques to produce a range of surface finishes such as planed, textured, structured and sawn. We have developed strong relationships with the big names in the timber paints and treatment industry such as Sioo X, Anker Stuy, Sikkens and Teknos and we are audited by these suppliers annually. These relationships allow us to provide you with the best possible solution for your project.

Our experience in coating timber spans nearly three decades and with the help of our coating and treatment providers, we are able to advise you on the very best solution for your project. We are able to advise you on the most suitable timber species, surface finish and coating applied in order to meet your design specification. We can also provide you with advice on how to maintain your coated timber product in order to preserve its aesthetics and allow it to continue performing to its full potential for many years to come.

How to Get Started

Upon making an enquiry we will ask you details about your project in order to build our understanding of  your specification. We will then advise you on the most appropriate timbers, surface finishes and coating or treatments. Once we have a selection of potential solutions we will produce small samples for you in order to aid you in your final decision.  We will then put you in contact with one of our approved timber merchants and suppliers.

The timber supplier will then machine your chosen timber to a standard or custom profile depending on your design specification and requirements. Once your timber is machined it is then delivered to our factory in Chorley where we will process your timber for application of your chosen coating or treatment.

Once your timber has been coated in our in-line sander and vacuum coating machine and has passed all of our necessary quality checks it is left to stand and cure. Once the coated timber product is completely dry we will package it for transport. The timber supplier will collect from us and deliver it to you as a fully factory finished coated timber product ready to be fitted.

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