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The native distribution of Siberian Larch extends across Siberia to Mongolia and northern China. In Siberia it is extracted from natural forests and most of the timber is extremely slow grown material. It is grown in plantations in Austria, Norway and Finland yielding a faster grown material. It has also been introduced into Canada and northern USA. 

Siberian Larch is a medium sized coniferous tree which ranges from 20m to around 40m tall with a diameter of 1m or slightly more. 

The heartwood is a pale reddish-brown to brick-red colour and is sharply defined from the narrow and lighter coloured sapwood. Siberian Larch is a very resinous timber and is clearly marked with annual rings. It  has a fairly straight grain with a fine and uniform texture, the amount of resin in the timber makes the boards rather heavy compared to other timber species. 

Siberian Larch can be coated in translucent and opaque coatings, Siberian Larch is also very popular when using Sioo:X due to its strength and durability. 

For more information regarding coatings available please visit our Colour Ranges page.

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