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Originating from the northern Rocky Mountains and Pacific North-West, with it’s full range spanning from Alaska southwards to California, and eastwards along the interior ranges of British Columbia, northern Washington, Idaho and Montana. 

Western Red Cedar is the largest of the cedar family and grows to a reported height of 45m to 75m with a diameter of 1m to 2.5m. 

The sapwood is narrow and white in colour, with the heartwood being a reddish-brown. When it is freshly felled, the heartwood usually displays a marked variation in colour. The centre of the log may be a dark chocolate brown which fades to a salmon-pink near the sapwood, the wood can often vary in colour throughout the log with alternative light and dark zones. 

After conventional high temperature kiln drying, the wood forms a uniform reddish-brown tone. 

In order to maintain this reddish-brown tone of the timber there are a number of translucent coatings we can offer. Western Red Cedar contains virtually no sap or resin which makes it ideal for opaque coloured coatings. Sioo:X can also be applied in order to accelerate and maintain the silver-grey weathered effect of the timber while preventing the timber from fading to an unsightly black shade. 

For more information regarding coatings available please visit our Colour Ranges page.

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