Internal Coatings

An extensive range of internal coating systems for a range of applications. 

We offer a range of coating systems for internal components such as flooring, skirting, architraves, door casings and decorative mouldings. All of which are available in a range of colours and finishes to suit your project.

Our internal coatings range covers products from priming, lacquering and fully finishing. 

Internal Coatings Range

Priming – Is available in a range of specifications from standard white primer all the way to high performance primers designed to inhibit knot discolouration. All available as a one or two coat option to suit budget and application requirements. 

Lacquering – Is available as clear lacquer in a range of sheen levels with the option to add a coloured stain first in order to add further aesthetics. All lacquering is available as a one coat, two coat or fully finished options. 

Fully finished – Internal components such as door casings can be fully finished in a specified coating system tinted to any colour. Eliminating the need to paint on site or during the manufacturing process.

High Performance Priming



The Benefits of Factory Application

The operation of our vacuum coating machine means we achieve a flawless and consistent finish. Factory finishing offers a range of benefits to end users. Primarily , a reduction in preparation and clean up time as timber arrives coated to your desired specification. 

Timber is coated in our purpose-built factory, which is temperature controlled, meaning the weather doesn’t affect the application of coatings, and coating can be carried out year-round.

All the timber we coat is sanded as standard using our in-line sanding machine prior to it being coated. This means each length of timber has been processed in exactly the same way from start to finish.


We can supply your components finished in a range of colours and sheen levels depending on the coating system chosen. 

Colours can range from translucent to opaques with a range of sheen levels also available. 

We offer internal coatings from a range of coating manufacturers, this allows us to offer the most suitable coating system for each project.