Home Grown Larch

British Larch is a tough and naturally durable timber that is ideal for external applications such as cladding. Grown in forests around the UK, British Larch is a cost effective, native timber species. What’s not to like? 

British Larch varies in colour from a pinky-brown heartwood to a creamy-white sap band. British Larch contains a relatively high amount of resin which contributes to its durability and strength. There are frequent knots scattered throughout British Larch boards which adds to its character and appearance. 

A key benefit of British Larch is that it is a native species, which means it has grown in a UK climate as opposed to imported timbers which have often grown in warmer, dryer climates.

Surface Finishes

British Larch can be coated with a range of surface finishes such as; planed, sawn and structured depending on the coating system chosen. For more information please see our Surface Finishes page. 

Coating and Treatments

When left uncoated British Larch will weather naturally. We offer a range of coatings for British Larch in order to protect and prolong its life. SiOO:X can be factory applied in order to achieve an accelerated and consistent weathered appearance. We can also offer a range of wood stains that are available in opaque and translucent shades for a more decorative finish.