Radiata Pine Thermowood

Radiata Pine Thermowood is another modified timber that uses Radiata Pine sourced from Chile. It is a very clear timber that is almost free of knots and is an alternative to Western Red Cedar. 

The Radiata Pine is thermally modified using heat and steam, it is baked to temperatures in excess of 215 degrees. This process changes the cellular structure of the timber and results in an extremely durable and stable timber that is ideal for a range of coatings. 

Radiata Pine Thermowood is a light brown shade, with the grain being a chocolate brown.

Surface Finishes

Radiata Pine Thermowood can be coated with a range of surface finishes such as; planed, sawn and structured depending on the coating system chosen. For more information please see our Surface Finishes page. 

Coating and Treatments

Uncoated Radiata Pine Thermowood will naturally weather. We offer a range of coatings for Radiata Pine Thermowood such as SiOO:X for an accelerated and consistent weathered appearance. We can also offer a range of opaque and translucent coating systems for a more decorative finish as well as wood stains for a more natural, rustic appearance.