Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is arguably the most popular cladding material in the UK and has been for some time. The North American native is known for its outstanding beauty and superior stability and durability. 

Western Red Cedar displays a mixture of colours in varying shades of reds, pinks and browns. This varying range of colour gives Western Red Cedar a unique appearance that is unmatched.

Surface Finishes

Western Red Cedar can be coated with a range of surface finishes such as; planed, sawn and structured depending on the coating system chosen. For more information please see our Surface Finishes page. 

Coating and Treatments

Its stability and lack of resin makes Western Red Cedar an ideal timber for coating in a range of finishes. SiOO:X can be applied in order to achieve a consistent and accelerated weathered finish. Opaque and translucent coatings can be applied for a decorative finish, including our Natural Collection for a natural finish as well as Wood Stains for a rustic appearance.