Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch has been a popular choice for external cladding for many years due to its superb durability and stability. 

Siberian Larch is a mix of colours from yellow brown, light brown and reddish brown. The sapwood is a lighter colour while the heartwood is a darker colour. Siberian Larch is a very resinous timber which helps to contribute to its durability. 

The timber is very slow growing as this results in the grain being very consistent with clear annual rings.

Surface Finishes

Siberian Larch can be coated with a range of surface finishes such as; planed, sawn and structured depending on the coating system chosen. For more information please see our Surface Finishes page.

Coating and Treatments

Siberian Larch will weather naturally if left uncoated. We offer a range of coatings for Siberian Larch such as SiOO:X for an accelerated and consistent weathered appearance. For customers who are looking for a decorative finish we offer a range of opaque and translucent wood stains.