December 13, 2022 0 Comments

Barnsnap House | West Sussex

A client was granted planning permission for a five bedroom contemporary dwelling in a woodland clearing in the south of England. The 360 sqm home was designed to blend in with the natural surroundings which was achieved using timber cladding. 

Accoya was the chosen timber species due to its 50 years above ground warranty. Accoya is a timber that is produced by a process called Acetylation, where the timber is treated with Acetic Anhydride which alters the timber’s chemical structure. This process  creates an end product that is dramatically different and superior to the source timber. 

We then had to work with the client to aid them in specifying the surface finish of the timber as well as the coating system used. 

The client wanted a rustic finish with a coating system that was easy to maintain. They also wanted a colour that was in between a black and a brown finish. We knew that standard colours from our suppliers weren’t going to make the cut, so we got creative.

We used sawn face Accoya to deliver a rustic finish and produced three colourways for the client to select from, each varying in shade and appearance. The client approved a system and we think the outcome is stunning.