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Supplier Spotlight - Remmers

The Remmers Group was founded by Bernhard Remmers in 1949, and has remained an independent family-owned company to the present day. The specialist for manufacturer of chemical construction products, wood paints and lacquers, as well as industrial lacquers, with over 1,500 highly qualified specialists, more than 400 problem-solving product systems and decades of expertise in the most important competence fields of the industry.

Remmers offer real added value when working with national and international partners. As far as safe systems, professional competence and made-to-measure customer service goes, Remmers is the leading brand.

Natural Look 

Remmers’ natural look products are designed to maintain the natural appearance of the timber substrate. 

Using a range of special pigments, binders and UV-blockers the colour and appearance of the timber remains as close as possible to its natural uncoated appearance while still offering very durable protection from UV-light, dirt, moisture and algae. 


The Remmers Traditional Collection consists of opaque and semi-transparent systems for treating wood. 

An opaque coating will colour the timber while retaining the grain structure. This collection has a high amount of quality pigments and coverage while still being microporous and allowing the timber to breathe due to the coatings elastic nature. 

The semi-transparent system allows the natural colour of the timber to influence the appearance after treatment by being visible after the coating is applied. 


The colour swatches above are a small selection of the colours and shades available. More colours are available.


Every facade needs maintenance. No facade can do without it. However, the facade must be maintenance friendly. Easy to maintain and at a low cost.

Of course, like all coatings, Remmers stain will degrade slowly in the intervening period. When the facade needs maintenance, it can be cleaned with water to remove any dirt and deposits. Sanding the timber is normally not necessary. Applying a new layer of Remmers stain is usually sufficient. 

Damage to the coated timber must be corrected over time in order to maintain the integrity of the coating system. 

As always we offer full support and guidance to our customers when maintenance is required. 

Hopefully you’ve found this information useful and it has given you some points to consider as you begin your journey. If you still feel a little overwhelmed why not give us a call and a member of the team will be happy to offer advice and support to get your specification started. 

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