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Natural weathering vs factory applied coatings

Natural weathering

Any species of timber that is uncoated will weather when exposed to the elements, this is a natural process and it can’t be controlled. As a result this is something to be aware of when considering the use of timber for external applications. 

There are a range of factors that affect the speed that timber weathers, such as, location, design, exposure and timber species. Areas of timber that are sheltered by overhangs for example will take longer to weather than areas that aren’t sheltered. 

An example of uncoated timber weathering at different speeds. 

Factory applied coatings

Depending on the desired aesthetic for your project, there are a range of coatings available to be factory applied before the timber is delivered to site. 

If your aim is to achieve a consistent and accelerated weathered appearance then SiOO:X could be an option. The Swedish treatment system works by impregnation and delivers a noticeable weathered appearance in approximately 12 – 16 weeks, taking around 12 – 18 months to mature. SiOO:X is available in Clear, Light Grey and Mid Grey shades, the two pigmented products were both developed to deliver instant colour to the timber. 

If the weathered appearance is something that you would like to avoid then we have a range of paint and stain coating systems to suit a range of requirements. These are available as solid colour (Opaque) or for a more natural appearance we can offer Translucent coating systems.    


What are the benefits of having timber factory coated?

Having timber factory coated before arriving on site ensures the coating is more durable, correctly applied and saves valuable time. Coating on-site has many factors that are often overlooked such as, labour, equipment, scaffolding (often required), as well as delays due to adverse weather conditions. 

Each timber species has it’s own unique characteristics which make certain coatings more suitable than others. When timber is coated on-site it is often coated in a system that isn’t suitable or optimum for that particular species which leads to premature failure of the coating or more frequent maintenance. 

When timber is factory coated we are able to offer advice and provide a range of options to the customer based on the most suitable coating systems. These options are influenced by a number of factors such  as aesthetic, durability, project location and expected maintenance, allowing the customer to select their preferred coating system. 

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